Trust and Values

Business Consultant - EmpowerBeyond

Over the past couple of weeks, trust is something I have had to work on. My eldest son turned 19 this week and had only got his licence a couple of weeks ago due to the COVID restrictions here in Melbourne. I thought him turning 18 and going out with his friends to clubs and bars was stressful enough, hoping he would make the right decisions out there in the ‘real world.’

Little did I realise that him getting his licence had me dealing with more concerns around trust. I found myself worrying and hoping that he would be okay. I was hoping that he would make decisions that would keep him out of harm’s way. I would find myself constantly looking at the clock, staying up all night not having any peace until he got home.

I concluded that over the 19 years of my husband and I bringing up our son, we would have hopefully instilled some values that he would follow through in his actions. I had to trust that as parents, we have done all we could to allow him to make his own decisions.

Trust and values also apply in the workplace. We need to trust that by instilling values and leading by example, that others would embrace them and acknowledge the benefit of being guided by the values to make daily decisions.

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