Shoestring Marketing Why We Need It Now More Than Ever

Marketing Sherpa and Educator - AP Marketing Works

COVID-19 has definitely put a strain on many businesses.  We all still need to promote our services and find new customers.  For some of us we just don’t have all the resources we need.  So it’s time to get Shoestring and Smart with our marketing.  Read this blog post to find out more.

Ailsa Page

Marketing Sherpa and Educator - AP Marketing Works

If you ever need the answer to either of these questions a) what marketing should I be doing right now or b) where should I best spend my marketing time, money and effort? then you need a Marketing Sherpa and you need me! That's what I do. I guide businesses through the marketing maze to help them discover the right marketing strategy that delivers customers and profits to their business. I have been working in marketing and small business for over 25 years I understand online and offline marketing and totally get small business owners. There are a range of ways you can access my services including working with me directly, coming to one of my workshops or through my books.

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