Risk assessments – The what, why and when that EVERYONE should know about.

Principal OH&S consultant - Jenny Tran

Risk is inherent in everything we do. Many employers and employees do not understand why it is important to conduct risk assessments for their work places. This short video will help you understand the WHAT, WHY, and WHEN of risk assessments.


The following are projects Jenny can assist with:

– Gap analysis to identify safety gaps.

– Assist with establishing a risk registers.

– Conduct and review risk assessments.

-Review your Risk Management Plan with a focus in COVID-19. She has experiences working for a flu manufacturing company and research laboratories.

E: ohsadvisory@outlook.com

W: jennytranohs.com

Jenny Tran

Principal OH&S consultant - Jenny Tran

I have extensive research experience and have further developed a passion not only in scientific research, but in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) as well. I believe our health and well-being should be the biggest motivator as to why we should choose to work safely. Previously, I was a Senior Safety Advisor at CSL which is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures flu vaccines. In this role, I developed outstanding leadership and teamwork skills through supporting staff at the Parkville Campus. I have extensive knowledge in OH&S Legislations, Regulations and Codes in Victoria which has enabled me to successfully establish a safe working environment and culture in both my past and current roles.

Jenny Tran