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The Benefits Of Process Mapping For Your Business
This week the mapping out of processes was an activity I performed for a client which they found beneficial for several reasons:
➡️ Better visualisation of the process
➡️ It made it clear as to who was doing what as part of the process
➡️ What tasks needed to be completed and by when
➡️ Why each activity had to be completed within a particular timeframe
➡️ What equipment, software, material and people needed to be resourced (whether internal or external to the business)
➡️ Identifying areas that are a root cause to a problem (avoid band-aid fix and look to eliminating the problem)
➡️ Identifying areas of opportunity for improvement (to save time and money and increase quality)
➡️ Collaboration and input by those involved in the process (increases the acceptance of changes)
➡️ Creating a standard operating procedure on that process (increases standardisation and ability to cross-train people)
The process maps and standard operating procedures can continue to be updated as required.