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Owner and founder- all rounder - Kilted Haggis
Kilted Haggis brand new menu

We haven’t posted for a while, but we’ve certainly not been slacking.

Our food truck business has never been more popular and with the summer looming, our diary is filling nicely.

We did have one problem though, we hadn’t updated  our menu and our A4’s were looking pretty tired. That was until we found another local business who knew exactly what we needed to keep customers happy.

EV333 Custom print and signage, acted as though they had known us forever when they came round to the premises to measure up, for a vinyl adhesive permanent menu on the side and back of our truck! Vic knew exactly what we needed and was very generous with the cost. We were so pleased with the outcome, we got EV333 to create our sign for the upcoming Grazeland venue in Spotswood, opening in January.

EV333 Custom Print and Signage,  is owned and operated by Elizabeth and Vic, in Ardeer. Vic has been in Sunshine West his whole life. He grew up on Links Street until his parents built their home on Glengala Rd more than 30 years ago, where his Mum still resides.  Elizabeth and Vic are very much in support of the growth of small local businesses and a flourishing Brimbank.
Kilted Haggis Melbourne’s Only Scottish Food Truck (website under construction)